Knowing instead of guessing

Vitracom is a leading company in the area of video-based people counting. The system anonymously captures customer flows in retail establishments, with service providers and in public buildings. The visitor count tracking is also being deployed more and more to improve safety at large events.

People counting forms the basis of the Check-out and Queue Manager technology, which Vitracom introduced to the market in 2010. Commerce, banks and service companies use this technology to increase customer satisfaction. It enables them to avoid long wait times, which can lead to abandoned purchases and also damage a company’s image. The data, gathered in real time and prepared in a display that is easy to interpret on the ShopView Chart analysis tool, provides reliable, ongoing data for decision-makers who want to know – rather than just guess.

Without any great installation costs, this highly precise people counting system, operating from a birds-eye view, enables a rapid review of visitor flows and their dwell time - even with dense crowds and high customer volumes. The demographic composition of customer groups is becoming more and more important and, for this reason, Vitracom also provides an Age and Gender detection system. All the results are prepared in graphic format and are accessible in real time from both stationary and mobile termini. As a rule it is also no problem to integrate other data sources. The data from the measurement points can then be fed into established management information systems.