Success in numbers

People counting provides objective visitor count data. Companies can use this permanently accessible count data to optimise their location management policy as well as their marketing and sales. Service provider companies and public authorities use this to manage their service availability and personnel deployment. People counting has developed into an important element of risk prevention in buildings and at events.  

Vitracom has taken a leading role with its video-based people counting technology. Discretely installed sensors count passers-by and customers with high precision and in compliance with data protection standards. This patented technology enables counting in dense crowds, in large groups of people or in difficult lighting conditions. The 2D and 3D sensors can distinguish between people coming in and people going out. The 'fishing rate' is generated out of the ratio between passers-by and visitors. The socio-demographic visitor profile is generated in connection with the data for age and gender detection.

The count tracking data can be accessed in real time from a mobile or stationary device. Vitracom also provides reliable data for management information systems – depending on the format required. A specially-trained service team is available to advise customers. Regular monitoring and remote maintenance ensures flawless operation.


People counting is important because it provides

  • Precise and objective key figures 
  • Capture of visitor numbers at events in real time 
  • Neutral analysis of customer and visitor numbers
  • Constant collection of data in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Business management advantages by identifying potential for optimisation

Its value for commerce

  • Neutral assessment of locations
  • Objective benchmarking
  • Ascertainment of conversion rates through links to till receipt data, for example 
  • Adjustment of personnel deployment to the flow of visitors
  • Optimisation of the store layout (analysis of dwell time, pathways and direction of movement)

Its value at events and in public buildings

  • Reliable tracking of the number of visitors 
  • Help in evacuating public buildings and airports or at large events
  • Alerts when maximum visitor numbers are reached

Its value for shopping malls

  • Objective measurement of the total people count
  • Establishment of the number of people on different floors
  • Optional adjustment of energy consumption to the number of visitors
  • Reliable ascertainment of the number of visitors to support evacuations