Every visitor counts – frequency, density and dwell time

Large groups of people, dense crowds and wide entrance areas are captured with ease using Vitracom technology. No observation of customers or employees takes place as it is purely designed for overhead counting and only statistical count data is communicated. 

Conversion rates can be ascertained with the aid of customer count analysis. To do this, the customer count data is linked to the till receipt data. The conversion rate then provides deep insights into the quality of the location and enables a neutral comparison between stores.

The attractiveness of individual levels or departments – such as food courts, for example – can be determined by measuring the visitor density. The results enable the management to optimise advertising campaigns or the layout of pathways at centres or sales areas – and consequently to provide their partner businesses the security of a well-frequented marketplace.

Counting in real time enables ascertainment of the average dwell time of visitors in certain areas or departments. This is an important key figure for personnel deployment and the placement of goods.

Another important indicator is known as the 'fishing rate' – that is the ratio between passers-by and visitors.

The people counting system counts all the people who enter a building or an area and leave it again, be it in a shop, an administrative office, a public building or a shopping mall. The sensors in an entrance area are unaffected by installations such as hot-air blowers or article protection antennae.

The value of the customer count analysis

  • Neutral assessment of locations
  • Objective benchmarking
  • Ascertainment of conversion rates through links to till receipt data, for example
  • Adjustment of personnel deployment to the flow of visitors
  • Optimisation of the store layout (analysis of dwell time, pathways and direction of movement)