Knowledge in passing

The analysis of buyer structure by age and gender is a new and exciting area in people counting. With this device, marketing activities can be better adjusted to the target group and advertising impact can be measured.  

The age and gender detection is carried out from the front. Sensors are integrated within displays, in shop windows or directly into the store design. In brief reports, the management can recognise whether a shop window display reaches its core target group, for example, or if advertising displays are noticed. The age and gender detection sensor technology in combination with the people count tracking can show how effectively target groups are being reached. 

The value of age and gender detection:

  • Information on the demographic composition of customer groups (gender, age)
  • The conversion rate from passers-by to visitors
  • Advertising impact monitoring (duration of eye-contact with an advertising display)
  • Interest and attention can be objectively determined in compliance with data protection regulations, even in heavily frequented locations
  • Image processing takes place completely automatically in real time