The purchase is the goal

Vitracom works with various different technologies: 

The video-based sensor technology captures the total number of customers in the given areas. It can also precisely determine the dwell time and the pathways of the visitors.  

To support this, Wi-Fi tracking is deployed over larger areas, particularly to determine pathway flows and to identify any returning customers.

Both technologies work completely in compliance with data protection regulations. Decision-makers can call up the anonymously acquired results in the form of daily or weekly reports, in a ‘heat map’, for example. The insights gained from the pathway analysis should contribute to improving the presentation of goods, optimising the store layout and increasing dwell time.

The value of the pathway analysis

  • Assessment of the store layout 
  • Optimisation of the shop design
  • Evaluation of the attractiveness of the promotional areas
  • Pathway analysis as part of the security plan