Customer satisfaction and productivity

Short waiting times, less stress for staff and high customer and employee satisfaction. Vitracom provides important support to those responsible for dynamic staff requirement planning with its Check-out and Queue Manager.

A needs-based staff allocation at busy times reduces time pressure for employees and helps to save costs at times with less footfall. The data from the Check-out and Queue Manager can be fed into established staff planning software. This enables better forecasting of staff deployment.

Reports and forecasts about customer volumes can be drawn up with the Vitracom Check-out and Queue Manager. By taking parallel measurements of frequencies and crowd density in entrance areas, critical frequency points and waiting areas, recommendations can be made about the opening and closing of ticket and advisory desks as well as of check-out areas. Employees and service staff can be equipped with mobile terminal devices that can give them advance information about their deployment. The system also provides the average waiting times of visitors in the queues. This way, entire work processes to do with service and check-out management are improved and calmed down. 

This instrument has in the meantime been increasingly deployed to increase customer satisfaction in the waiting and service areas of stations, trade fairs, bank branches and in retail.

The value of Queue Management for customers

  • Shorter waiting times
  • Greater service readiness
  • Fewer complaints

 The value of Queue Management for companies

  • Fewer abandoned purchases
  • Calmed work processes
  • More targeted deployment of staff
  • Recognition of productivity reserves and savings potential
  • Important key figures for management and branch operation
  • Savings on vouchers issued in response to complaints