Planning correctly

The Check-out Manager implements standards for optimising waiting lines. It helps the branch manager responsible for check-out supervision to find the right time to open or close the check-outs. The basis for this forecast comes from parallel customer count measurements in the entrance and check-out areas. This means that long queues can be avoided and any frantic check-out changes can be minimised. Should any bottlenecks appear in the check-out area, standby staff are informed about opening further check-outs by means of pagers.

The capture of data such as queue length, check-out occupation or slack periods is carried out objectively and used to improve processes. These cost savings lead to faster amortisation of the Check-out Manager investment.

The value of the Check-out Manager:

  • Shorter waiting times
  • Calmer work processes through better planning
  • Increased productivity by reducing check-out changes
  • Avoiding slack periods for check-out staff
  • Simple signals (by smartphone, pager or acoustic alarm)
  • Cost savings