Everything from one source

Modern IT is an essential element for achieving company objectives today. For this reason it should be constantly accessible, reliable and secure. Vitracom IT provides support in integrating its technology into the existing infrastructure and looks after the operation of the systems.  

The value of our IT services

  • Allows customers to concentrate on their core business
  • Better predictability of costs
  • Better scalability
  • No bottleneck issues with staff


Data management – the basis for all key figures

The data management is the heart of the system. This is where the count data, along with any additional external data (such as merchandise management information or weather information) is collected together and prepared. It checks the completeness and validity of the data, to ensure its quality in the long term. The data collected can then be transferred to existing systems for further processing. In the process it is possible for different rights and roles to be allocated, to ensure that any sensitive information is only made available to certain user groups. ShopView Chart can be used for intelligent retail analytics solutions or also linked to other management information systems. For quick and easy utilisation of the sensors, Vitracom also provides a secure, external data hosting service that can be accessed by customers at any time.

The value of our data management service

  • Reliable data quality
  • Inexpensive integration of external data
  • An integration platform for various applications
  • Open standards enable future security and expandability