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Knowing instead of guessing

Vitracom is one of the leading companies in the field of 3D people counting. Our 3D sensor technology anonymously captures customer flows in retail, at various service providers and in public buildings. Increasingly, the determination of visitor frequency is also used to improve security at large events.

In this context, people counting forms the basis of the queue and checkout manager technology that Vitracom launched in 2010. Retailers, banks and service providers use this technology primarily to increase customer satisfaction. In this way, they avoid long waiting times that lead to abandoned purchases and minimise customer store loyalty. The data obtained in real time, which are clearly prepared for further evaluations with our analysis software, continuously provide reliable bases for decision-makers who want to know instead of just guessing.

Without any major installation effort, the highly precise people counting enables a quick overview of visitor flows and their dwell time even in dense crowds and high customer volumes. The demographic structure of customer groups is becoming increasingly important, which is why Vitracom also offers gender and age detection. All data are displayed digitally and are available in real time for both stationary and mobile use. Other data sources can also be easily integrated. The data from the measuring points can be fed into common management information systems.

Milestones of Vitracom

  • 2000 - Vitracom GmbH founded as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute IOSB
  • 2006 - Entry of the listed Japanese company Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.
  • 2011 - With the successful completion of the projects HERMES ("Research of an evacuation assistant for crisis situations at large events") and VeRSiert ("For security in local public transport (ÖPNV) at large events", Vitracom proved its competence for security at large events
  • 2012 - Development and implementation of the first automatic queue and checkout manager at a leading German discounter
  • 2013 - The Patronus project - "Sensor-assisted living" - led to the market launch of Safe@home, a video-based emergency system for safe and self-determined living in old age
  • 2016 - Successful market launch of the new VC-3D sensor at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf
  • 2016 - Merger of Visapix GmbH into Vitracom AG
  • 2016 - MOVA3D - sensor platform for situational awareness - integration of 3D audio capture and output
  • 2018 - Crosscan acquires majority stake in Vitracom AG
  • 2019 - Successful release of the new in-store analytics suite "ShopView Insights"
  • 2021 - Start of the market launch of the VC-3D "Pro" Sensor
  • 2023 - Focus on sensor development - Crosscan takes over the end customer business