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The game changer in 3D people counting

High-precision 3D visitor frequency measurement

Introducing the revolutionary 3D People Counting Sensor - the ultimate solution for retailers who want to optimise their store performance and customer experience! With its advanced technology and high accuracy, this sensor takes the guesswork out of measuring footfall and provides comprehensive insights into customer behaviour.

But why is people counting so important for retailers? Quite simply, it's a key performance indicator (KPI) that directly impacts your success. By accurately measuring footfall, retailers can make data-driven decisions to, for example, improve shop layout, optimise staffing and ultimately increase sales. It also allows retailers to identify peak times, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and make informed inventory management decisions.

The 3D people counting sensor is an indispensable tool for any retail business that wants to stay ahead of the competition. Its advanced technology ensures a high level of accuracy, while its easy installation and user-friendly interface make it accessible to any retailer, large or small. Say goodbye to manual counting or just gut feeling and say hello to a smarter way of doing business with the 3D People Counting Sensor!

Our 3D sensor of the latest generation

The new generation in video-based, three-dimensional customer frequency measurement and customer flow analysis

The Vitracom VC-3D is a robust stereo vision sensor that stands out due to its wide range of applications. It ensures economically efficient customer frequency measurement with its large detection range, which usually means that only one device is needed per measuring point. The new sensor measures with high precision: the counting is bi-directional and can also be operated from an angled perspective. Here, up to five counting lines are possible inside and outside premises. Therefore, both conversion rate and capture rate can be analysed if required.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows installation in places without a power supply without much effort. With a whole range of colours and mounting variants, the VC-3D sensor can adapt to many spatial conditions to either appear inconspicuous or blend in seamlessly with the interior design.