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Close to the customer and competent

At Vitracom, we put great emphasis on service: The service does not end with the installation because our customers receive individual support even after the systems have been installed.

Vitracom offers a comprehensive service portfolio that continuously checks the sensors for correct functioning (monitoring). This includes the independent detection of errors and faults. Any messages that occur are classified and passed on to our Vitracom Ticket System. The in-house service team then takes over immediate troubleshooting and provides customers with personal and expert support.

The quality and sustainability of the service are guaranteed by the customer-specific service level agreements.


Professional Processing

Vitracom offers customers holistic project management, from contract award to final acceptance. Personal project managers coordinate all substeps relating to the installation:

Projekt Development

Controlling the Rollout Process


Quality Assurance

An important part of the installation is the integration of the sensors into the IT network. Vitracom advises its customers and can also take over parts of the integration.

Vitracom is characterised by a large, international network of trained partners and service providers. If desired, service providers of the customer can be included.

Value for the Customer

  • Holistic project management
  • Efficient implementation
  • Prevention of interface problems

Training & Webinars

We share our know-how with our customers

Vitracom also offers its customers the necessary background knowledge for the interpretation of the analysis results in specific trainings & webinars. After the installation of new systems, Vitracom takes over trainings directly on-site or trains new employees by webinar sessions if required.