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Customers do not analyse their behaviour in stores, but every retailer should use this for further insights. The most important questions every retailer should ask themselves are: How long do customers stay in a particular place? What do they buy in individual departments? How do they react to products and what is their demographic structure?

This is where our technology comes in. With the help of our intelligent 3D sensors, you can individually and anonymously determine the exact location of everyone in a location. All in compliance with 100% data protection: without identification, without biometric data and without storing image data.

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Advantages of our 3D Sensor Technology

The Vitracom VC-3D Pro sensor qualifies through a very high counting accuracy of up to 99% and is characterised by its very wide range of applications.

The counting method is bidirectional and can also be carried out from an angled perspective, allowing up to five counting lines and service zones to be evaluated simultaneously. Furthermore, the 3D sensor offers numerous powerful functions and additional modules for recording customer flows and their classification.


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Open Modules

Simple integration

with all common interfaces

Customer platform

Easy control through central device management

Unlimited Applications

Detection and tracking of people as a basis for strategic decisions.

Our VC-3D Pro sensors determine data in real time and can be easily integrated into existing customer system architectures through common interfaces. Thus, an implementation can be realised quickly and in a resource-saving way.

Whether people counting, customer frequency measurement, footpath analysis and age and gender recognition. Or queue management with cash register connection as well as occupancy management for control within buildings. There are almost unlimited use cases for retail and building facilities.

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Edge Devices – Embedded Software for strategic decisions

Together with our partner Crosscan, your use cases are covered comprehensively - the collected data is presented in a highly accurate and clear manner.

The data analysis software provides differentiated views and supports you in making your business processes more efficient, improving customer experience and marketing measures and increasing your conversion rate for higher sales.

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With great passion and enthusiasm for sensor technology and computer vision, Vitracom has been developing innovative solutions since 2000 and is one of the technology leaders in the field of 3D-based sensor technology and the associated software applications.

Do you want to develop not only our products, but also yourself? We continuously offer positions for working students, internships and theses in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering or similar disciplines. In addition, we are happy to work closely with universities as a practical partner for final theses (Bachelor's & Master's) and are pleased to be able to offer career prospects for graduates as well as professionals. With our open corporate culture, you can develop and grow both professionally and personally.

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